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All About Hijab

Hijab - Wikipedia

(6 days ago) The Quran instructs both Muslim men and women to dress in a modest way, but there is disagreement on how these instructions should be interpreted.


Reported hijab attack on 11-year-old girl 'did not happen ...

(5 days ago) An 11-year-old girl's report last week that a man twice tried to cut off her Hijab as she walked to school "did not happen," Toronto police said Monday in ending


What's the difference between a hijab, niqab and burka ...

(4 years ago) Hijab, niqab, burka - there are lots of different kinds of headscarves worn by Muslim women all over the world. How can you tell which is which?


Why Hijab? | Hijab, The Muslim Womens Dress,Islamic or ...

(7 days ago) One of the many questions that I have been asked is why does Islam make Hijab mandatory for women? Islam has introduced Hijab as part of the decency and modesty in


'I felt really scared:' Toronto girl says man tried to cut ...

(11 days ago) An 11-year-old Toronto girl says a man attempted twice to cut off her Hijab as she walked to school on Friday morning, and police are now characterizing the attack as


Women > Veiling > What is the Hijab and Why do Women Wear ...

(7 days ago) Shayla: The shayla is a long, rectangular scarf that is wrapped loosely around the head and tucked or pinned at the shoulders. Like the Hijab and al-amira, this form


FUREY: Hijab hoax girl, family owe Canadians an apology ...

(8 days ago) It was the assault that pulled on the heartstrings of a nation.Khawlah Noman’s story of being attacked not once but twice by a man in his 20s who used scissors to


Hijab attack claim a hoax: Toronto cops | Toronto Sun

(8 days ago) Toronto Police will not lay charges after receiving a phony complaint last week from an 11-year-old girl who claimed a man cut her Hijab with scissors.The hoax


Explainer: Why do Muslim women wear a burka, niqab or ...

(5 months ago) Hijab is also a general term referring to the practice of wearing veils of all kinds. The chador is a full-length cloak worn by many Iranian women,


Why the Hijab? - Beliefnet

(7 days ago) The Hijab, or headscarf, is one of the most noticeable and misunderstood badges of Muslim women. But there’s much more to the Islamic dress code for women than the


Hijab - definition of hijab by The Free Dictionary

(6 days ago) Define Hijab. Hijab synonyms, Hijab pronunciation, Hijab translation, English dictionary definition of Hijab. n. 1. Any of several cloth head coverings worn by Muslim


Hijab | Definition of Hijab by Merriam-Webster

(7 days ago) Define Hijab: the traditional covering for the hair and neck that is worn by Muslim women


Niqāb - Wikipedia

(7 days ago) A niqab or niqāb (/ n ɪ ˈ k ɑː b /; Arabic: نِقاب ‎ niqāb, "[face] veil"; also called a ruband) is a garment of clothing that covers the face which is


BBC - Religions - Islam: Hijab

(11 days ago) Hijab is the principle of modesty in Islam and includes behaviour as well as dress for both males and females.


Haute Hijab - Official Site

(6 days ago) Shop Haute Hijab now for beautiful Hijabs. We make the highest quality Hijabs & accessories. Our range includes Jersey, Viscose, and Chiffons. Free US Shipping.


Hijab - EastEssence

(8 days ago) EastEssence provides a wide range of modern Muslim Hijabs online. Shop today for latest Hijab fashion and Hijab caps at low prices.


Hijab cutting incident did not happen, Toronto police say ...

(8 days ago) Toronto police say an alarming incident reported by an 11-year-old girl -- that a man cut her Hijab as she walked to school -- did not happen.


Hijab-wearing Barbie doll is the first of its kind ...

(2 months ago) The doll is modelled after Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first American Olympic fencer to wear a Hijab in competition.


Hijabs - Original High Quality Hijabs at Haute Hijab

(16 days ago) Shop the largest collection of original high-quality Hijabs available online. We design and produce using premium materials for everyday and evening wear.


Premium Designer Hijab Store Online | Voile Chic | Hijab ...

(7 days ago) Voile Chic offers guaranteed highest quality designer Hijabs online and Hijab wear necessities. Shop for chiffon and jersey Hijab wraps. Based in Canada and