Halifax Explosion

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All About Halifax explosion

Halifax Explosion - Wikipedia

(2 days ago) The Halifax explosion was a maritime disaster in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, which happened on the morning of 6 December 1917. The Norwegian vessel SS Imo collided


Halifax Explosion - The Canadian Encyclopedia

(1 days ago) History, politics, arts, science & more: the Canadian Encyclopedia is your reference on Canada. Articles, timelines & resources for teachers, students & public.


The Halifax Explosion: In the Blink of an Eye

(5 days ago) The Halifax explosion • What was the Halifax explosion? The Halifax explosion was a disaster that occurred in a thriving city at a time of war.


Halifax Explosion | 100th Anniversary | Halifax

(3 days ago) Remember and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion.


Heritage Minutes: Halifax Explosion - YouTube

(3 days ago) Train dispatcher Vince Coleman sacrifices his own life to save a train from the Halifax explosion. For more information about the Halifax explosion, visit


The Great Halifax Explosion - Dec 06, 1917 - HISTORY.com

(4 years ago) On this day in History, The Great Halifax explosion on Dec 06, 1917. Learn more about what happened today on History.


Halifax Explosion Infosheet | Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

(1 days ago) IN DECEMBER 1917, Halifax, Nova Scotia, was the hub of the Dominion of Canada. World War I had brought activity and prosperity to the port. The harbour was crowded


Halifax Explosion sources | Halifax | Halifax

(2 days ago) This guide is a research tool that highlights the original primary sources available at the Halifax Municipal Archives.


The Halifax Explosion 1917 Nova Scotia, Canada - YouTube

(2 days ago) Images from the Halifax explosion that happened back in 1917.


A city destroyed: 100 years after the Halifax Explosion

(1 days ago) Experience one of the deadliest disasters in Canadian history.


1917 Halifax Explosion - Smithsonian.com

(5 months ago) A Newly Discovered Diary Tells the Harrowing Story of the Deadly Halifax explosion On the eve of the disaster’s centennial, a sailor’s 1917 journal details a rare


Halifax Pop Explosion

(3 days ago) Presented in partnership with Anchor Archive Zine Library, the Halifax Zine Fair is a time-honored tradition that brings together the best independent zine makers


Halifax explosion - Mashable

(1 year ago) The devastating Halifax explosion was the largest man-made detonation before the creation of nuclear weapons.


How the disastrous Halifax Explosion sparked ... - CBC News

(2 months ago) Experts are gathering Wednesday for discussions that include a little-known aftereffect of the disastrous Halifax explosion — it sparked a burst of health reforms


Moncton's help after Halifax Explosion subject of new exhibit

(2 months ago) Within three hours of the devastating blast that destroyed much of Halifax on Dec. 6, 1917, a train filled with doctors, nurses and medical supplies was pulling out


The Halifax Explosion, History's Worst Blast Before ...

(3 months ago) Devastating images of the accidental Halifax explosion, a cataclysm so great that some victims were blinded simply by looking at it.


New stamp commemorates Halifax Explosion | The Chronicle ...

(1 months ago) Halifax design firm Burke & Burke has created a commemorative stamp depicting the Halifax explosion. The stamp, which features the front page of The Halifax Herald


Hope amid the rubble: How the disastrous Halifax Explosion ...

(2 months ago) Experts are gathering Wednesday for discussions that include a little-known aftereffect of the disastrous Halifax explosion – it sparked a burst of health reforms


Africville and the 1917 Halifax Explosion | The Chronicle ...

(1 year ago) Shortly after 9 a.m. on Dec. 6, 1917 a vessel carrying munitions exploded in the Narrows of Halifax Harbour, devastating much of the north end of the city. Two


Lullaby: Inside The Halifax Explosion Tickets | Maritime ...

(1 days ago) Lullaby: Inside The Halifax explosion is a dramatic, educational and emotive experience that explores little-told stories of the events of Dec 6, 1917.It i