25th Amendment

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Twenty-Fifth Amendment - U.S. Constitution - FindLaw

(6 days ago) Twenty-Fifth Amendment - Presidential Vacancy, Disability, and Inability Amendment Text | Annotations Section 1. In case of the removal of the President from


Told about the 25th Amendment, Trump reportedly asked ...

(3 days ago) Steve Bannon reportedly told Donald Trump that the risk to his presidency wasn't impeachment, but the 25th amendment.


The 25th Amendment Solution for Removing Trump - The New ...

(1 months ago) It was just three days and a lifetime ago that I wrote a column about Donald Trump’s unfitness for the presidency that affected a world-weary tone


Think the 25th Amendment will take care of Trump? You're ...

(2 months ago) The most practical way to get him out of office remains the traditional way: to vote him out in 2020.


25th Amendment: Deposing Trump would require Cabinet ...

(2 months ago) Using the 25th amendment to depose Trump would require a Cabinet mutiny


How the 25th Amendment's Section 4 works to remove a ...

(2 months ago) The 25th amendment formally outlines the transition of power if the president is unable or unfit to serve. Section IV allows the vice president and a


The 25th Amendment Proves Why Trump's Mental Health Matters

(1 months ago) The 25th amendment: Why psychologists and politicians have a responsibility to evaluate Donald Trump's ability to lead


There's a way to get rid of President Trump without ...

(11 months ago) Voices; There's a way to get rid of President Trump without impeaching him, and it's called the 25th amendment


No, the 25th Amendment is not the solution. - Slate Magazine

(7 months ago) The most practical problem with the 25 th Amendment option is that it won’t happen. Photo illustration by Natalie Matthews-Ramo. Photos by Ron Sachs-Pool


Constitutional scholars: 25th Amendment talk 'premature ...

(5 months ago) Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin is citing the 25th amendment of the Constitution to urge his colleagues to get behind a bill that could potentially oust



(4 days ago) Check out Constitute to read, search, and compare the world’s constitutions!


Donald Trump & 25th Amendment -- Never Trumpers Last ...

(1 months ago) The 25th amendment is not designed for cases such as the present one


Could the 25th Amendment really remove Trump from office?

(4 months ago) Official site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news and current events as well as arts, entertainment, people and gossip


What is the 25th Amendment? | Fox News

(5 months ago) Some Democrats have latched onto a bill which could remove President Donald Trump through part of the 25th amendment.


removed via the 25th Amendment - Newsweek

(2 months ago) The question of how the Trump presidency may end has been thrust back to the forefront this week.


How The 25th Amendment Actually Works — And What Nobody's ...

(5 days ago) In 1967, the 25th amendment was added to the Constitution, meant to formalize a process for what happens if a president dies in office or becomes disabled — after


The 25th Amendment's fatal flaw in the Cabinet - Business ...

(2 months ago) Everyone's talking about the 25th amendment as the most plausible way to remove a president from office. It's not.


Trump foes, questioning his mental fitness, want to oust ...

(3 months ago) Trump foes, questioning his mental fitness, want to oust him from office using the 25th amendment. How would that work?


Byron York: 25th Amendment chatter: Dems, pundits mull ...

(10 months ago) Some are are discussing ways in which the president might be quickly removed from office.


25th Amendment: Fit for a Dem coup of Trump? | On Air ...

(5 months ago) Legal scholar Jonathan Turley on Democrats' focus on the 25th amendment to question Trump's fitness for office and possibly force him out - whether they