25th Amendment

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Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution ...

(10 days ago) The Twenty-fifth Amendment (Amendment XXV) to the United States Constitution deals with succession to the Presidency and establishes procedures both for filling a


25th Amendment | Constitution | US Law | LII / Legal ...

(9 days ago) The 25th amendment, proposed by Congress and ratified by the states in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, provides the procedures for


25th Amendment: Deposing Trump would require Cabinet ...

(6 days ago) Let's start out with the caveat that President Donald Trump's Republicans control the entire federal government, so none of this is going to happen short


Is it time to talk about the 25th Amendment? - CNN

(6 days ago) Julian Zelizer says news reports and critical comments from people like Sen. Bob Corker raise the question of whether the Trump White House could spin out


What Is the 25th Amendment (in Simple Terms)?

(7 months ago) What is the 25th amendment (in simple terms)? In case the president ever resigns, dies, or is removed from office (by an act of Congress or by members of his own


Twenty-fifth Amendment | United States Constitution ...

(7 days ago) Twenty-fifth Amendment: Amendment (1967) to the Constitution of the United States that set forth succession rules relating to vacancies and disabilities of the office


What is the 25th Amendment, and could it be used to remove ...

(5 months ago) Critics of President Trump are invoking the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as means for removing him from office. But for law scholar


The 25th Amendment Solution for Removing Trump - The New ...

(5 months ago) It was just three days and a lifetime ago that I wrote a column about Donald Trump’s unfitness for the presidency that affected a world-weary tone


What is the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution and can ...

(1 months ago) Donald Trump's freewheeling campaign speech has prompted fresh speculation that the 25th amendment could be used to remove him from office Credit: Getty Images/Donald


Twenty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution of India ...

(11 days ago) The Twenty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution of India, officially known as The Constitution (Twenty-fifth Amendment) Act, 1971, curtailed the right to property, and


How the 25th Amendment's Section 4 works to remove a ...

(7 days ago) Under the amendment's fourth stipulation, it would only take Vice President Mike Pence and 13 of President Donald Trump's 24 Cabinet members to depose him.


25th Amendment | Wiki 24 | FANDOM powered by Wikia

(6 days ago) The 25th amendment is the section of the United States Constitution that codifies the


Told about the 25th Amendment, Trump reportedly asked ...

(4 days ago) Steve Bannon reportedly told Donald Trump that the risk to his presidency wasn't impeachment, but the 25th amendment.


What is the 25th Amendment, and could it be used against ...

(5 months ago) What is the 25th amendment, and could it be used against Trump? There’s a second way to remove the president, but it requires a Cabinet Room mutiny


Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution ...

(11 days ago) The Twenty-fifth Amendment (Amendment XXV) to the United States Constitution says that if the President becomes unable to do his job, the Vice President becomes the


Richard PainterThe 25th Amendment Proves Why Trump's ...

(23 hours ago) The 25th amendment: Why psychologists and politicians have a responsibility to evaluate Donald Trump's ability to lead


When do we reach 25th Amendment territory? - The ...

(7 days ago) I’ve not favored using the 25th amendment as a means for dislodging an unfit president. For one thing, we shouldn’t medicalize behavior for political reasons, and


Every time the 25th amendment was used for disability ...

(6 days ago) Every case where the 25th amendment has been used to relieve unfit presidents of their duties has involved them getting medical procedures done on their


Is the 25th Amendment a Solution to Trump Madness? | Alternet

(6 days ago) And maybe Mike Pence's lifeline for 2020? The 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for the succession of power when the president is “unable to


Twenty-Fifth Amendment - U.S. Constitution - FindLaw

(20 days ago) Twenty-Fifth Amendment - Presidential Vacancy, Disability, and Inability Amendment Text | Annotations Section 1. In case of the removal of the President from